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Do Tel Aviv Local Startups need a Digital Marketing Agency?


Business and marketing go hand in hand, so if an area is not a good hub for local and/or international businesses, there is no need for marketing either. On the other hand, if the business industry is very well-developed, a new business may struggle to find good customers without the right digital marketing agency by their side.

The two situations described above can be found anywhere in the world, but today we’ll get to analyze the Israeli business environment.

Is Israel open for Business?

If you’re new to the market, a Middle Eastern country like Israel may not seem the right place for business. However, the business is booming, and Tel Aviv is one of the cities with the most startup companies in the world (reported to the number of people who live there).
The main area of interest is new technology and the ‘Startup Nation’ (as businessmen and women sometimes call Israel) offers the perfect environment for both startups and huge companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and even Microsoft. But that’s not all! Local startups are extremely interesting as they often specialize in cyber-security, drones, and even autonomous driving technologies!

So, as you can see, Tel Aviv’s business environment is booming. But would there be room for one more startup company here? If yes, how would such a business find high-quality customers? The answer is simple – an experienced digital marketing agency that knows how to boost startups in the big arena.

Marketing for Local Businesses

Yes, the tech industry is very well-developed in Tel Aviv, but how do you get clients when businesses like Google and Microsoft cast such a huge shadow? As I mentioned above, you’ll need a digital marketing agency that has experience working with new businesses.

Marketing is one of the most important steps every new business owner must take, but sadly, many ignore it. The main reason is represented by costs, but this is an investment that will return quite easily and fast if you do it the right way.

I recommend using a digital marketing agency because in today’s world everything happens online. You could discuss campaigns via social media channels, or campaigns via emails which are a lot more effective than the traditional means of promotion. Even more, you must not forget about creating an impressive site that will bring new clients every month.

The site is the most powerful marketing element in your business portfolio and you must use it accordingly. Most people today are online and in a country where most businesses are in tech, you can say for sure that they will first check your site and only if they like it, use your business. Regardless of your area of activity (restaurant, sales, cleaning services, and so on) you must have an attractive site and a digital marketing agency would know how to make this happen.

If your budget is limited, I recommend finding an agency that specializes in working with startups. They will know how to help you and your business get big in no time!

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