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Montage Show Vivaldianno to Wow Tel Aviv Audiences


Three dimensional visual effects, modern audio technology, drums, a choir, narration, modern dance, a sophisticated lightshow and the Baroque genius of Antonio Vivaldi’s music creates the dazzling live experience of ‘Vivaldianno – City of Mirrors’ — the show that hails from the Czech Republic and has been making its way around the world, will be in Tel Aviv on 3 November, 2017 at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium (reservations: *8780 or at

Vivaldianno is the brainchild of Czech composer and producer Michal Dvořák who virtually reconstructs Italian composer’s classic compositions and puts 30 musicians and a 3D musical onstage and combines original and modern covers with rock energy of Vivaldi’s works with the latest technology. The show is penned by Czech musician, screenwriter, and dramaturge Tomas Belko and the outcome is the vivid feeling of watching a musical performance in a theater or seeing a movie.

The entire visual conception was created by renowned Japanese artist, director and animator Kousuke Sugimoto, who is currently working at Prague’s Eallin Animation production Company.

Leading Czech violinist Jiři Vodička (the new concert master of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra), who stars in the show, describes it as “crossover at its best.” He explains that the show gives classical musicians an opportunity to perform original works by Mozart, Vivaldi, and other composers, however rock music has been added. This is what makes it unique. He says that while there are crossover shows where instrumentalists use classical instruments to perform pop songs, however in Vivaldianno it’s the exact opposite. It carries something novel and different, elevating the experience of the audience.

Vodicka emphasizes that crossover is absolutely fine if it is executed with reverence for the music. He says that it is a fact that worldwide, musicians try to discover new ways to tackle music. David Garrett, for example, does crossover and plays with leading orchestras around the world. Vodicka considers that successful crossover can attract new types of attendees to classical concerts. Whilst growing up, Vodicka’s father played the electric guitar in a rock music band.

While he chose to play classical violin, he continues to feel a connection with rock. The boundary between rock and classical music has become very renowned world over. The Vivaldianno show is an innovative crossover that transports classical music to listeners in a unique and spectacular way. The tale of Vivaldi’s life, creative music arrangements coupled with astounding three dimensional visual effects promises to introduce audiences to a novel experience.


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