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Historic Giro d’Italia 2018 Comes to Israel


The 2018 Giro d’Italia cycling event, renowned as the toughest ride for victory and passion, will be held in Israel marking the first time the Grand Tour competition will start outside of Europe and the 13th time it will start outside of Italy.

The event, known as the cooler, tougher brother of the Tour de France, was first staged in 1909 and only stopped for two World Wars with the hundredth edition taking place in 2017.

Israel will host the first three stages of the Corsa Rosa, beginning with a personal time trial kicking off in Jerusalem on Friday May 4 and will follow a very strict course concluding near the Old City. Copious bends on the city streets and small ups and downs take cyclists pass famous sites such as the Knesset (parliament) and the holy walls of the city.

The culmination is a sharp climb that goes from easy to more difficult.
The U.K.-based Sports Tours International, the high standard provider of trips to mass participation events, is the approved tour operator of the 2018 Giro d’Italia and will make its debut in Israel along with the event.

To denote the occasion, the travel specialists announced it will offer a variety of holiday possibilities built around the Giro d’Italia. Sports Tours International is also planning ride and spectator packages plus VIP handling at the finish lines of the initial stages. Guests will even have the chance to cross an actual finish line and stand on the podium.

Travelers can cheer on their favorite riders from a special hospitality area and see the inner workings of the event at the start zone. Guests will also be able to rent bikes or bring their own, which the tour operator will help reassemble in Israel.

Alex de Waard, Sports Tours International’s Head of Product and Operations, said in a statement that as one of the greatest racing events on the calendar, this provides a superb chance for cycling enthusiasts to live through one of the paramount racing occasions. With its long history of partnership, Sports Tours International and the Giro are able to deliver excellent cycle and viewer offers. He advises people to sign up as soon as possible for what is sure to be a packed event.

After the Jerusalem opening, riders will start the first in-line stage in Haifa on Saturday May 5 before the route will take cyclists about Acre and comprises the first KOM (GPM) of Giro 2018 in Zichron Yaakov and Caesarea en route to Tel Aviv. The third day picks up in Beer Sheva and takes riders 226 kilometers (140 miles) to the Red Sea vacation spot of Eilat.

The subsequent portion of the course is considerably even on broad roads and the remaining kilometers occur partially in Tel Aviv. The seafront forms the backdrop for the grand finale.
The competition’s later stages will take place in Italy.


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